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Upside-down car appears on London’s Southbank
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Upside-down car appears on London’s Southbank

In Hungerford Car Park at London’s Southbank Centre until 25th February, you’ll be able to find Alex Chinneck‘s latest amazing installation named Pick Yourself Up and Pull Yourself Together – a Vauxhall Corsa hanging upside-down 4 and a half metres above the ground, on a a section of tarmac folded back on itself. The installation (commissioned by Vauxhall, naturally) is of course an impressive work of engineering, and involved a team of structural engineers, steel benders, scenic artists, metal workers, carpenters, tarmac layers and road painters in order to complete. The great thing about this installation, according to Chinneck, is that it can be appreciated by different people for different reasons – for the structural complexity or for the pure theatricality of an upside down car. Make sure to visit Chinneck’s website to see his other amazing illusion projects including the slipping facade of a house, and his famous Covent Garden illusion.

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