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A new City identity for Porto | Atelier Martino&Jana
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A new City identity for Porto | Atelier Martino&Jana

In just 18 days, Atelier Martino&Jaña created a proposal for a new city identity for the city of Porto, Portugal. The agency, themselves from Porto, wanted to help elevate the perception of the city and really represent the city through their branding, and studied the city’s history in order to approach the project. The methodology involved using various visual components to create a kind of “graphic vocabulary” which could be expanded and used in different ways, depending on the context. The agency also considered that the City Hall, for example, would want to communicate Porto’s identity in a different way to normal Porto inhabitants, so the graphics can be adapted for this purpose too. They believe the new identity is suited to Porto’s personality, history, and future.

Porto_identity_feeldesain_01 Porto_identity_feeldesain_02 Porto_identity_feeldesain_03 Porto_identity_feeldesain_04 Porto_identity_feeldesain_05 Porto_identity_feeldesain_06 Porto_identity_feeldesain_07 Porto_identity_feeldesain_08 Porto_identity_feeldesain_09 Porto_identity_feeldesain_10 Porto_identity_feeldesain_12 Porto_identity_feeldesain_13 Porto_identity_feeldesain_14 Porto_identity_feeldesain_15 Porto_identity_feeldesain_16 Porto_identity_feeldesain_17 Porto_identity_feeldesain_18 Porto_identity_feeldesain_19 CMP_MobileLayout03 Porto_identity_feeldesain_21

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