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MailChimp Playing Cards | Fuzzco & Theory11
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MailChimp Playing Cards | Fuzzco & Theory11

These MailChimp Playing Cards were born from a collaboration between MailChimp, Fuzzco, and Theory11 and 100% of proceeds from their sale go to the Fugees Academy: a non profit organisation dedicated to the child survivors of war. The design, by Fuzzco, reflects MailChimp’s fun character, but the cards are still elegant, too. The custom designs feature monkey faces instead of the more traditional human ones on the royal cards, and are available in red or black, featuring foil designs – the all-black version is especially stylish. You can get an individual pack or a special 12-pack. Some fun designs, and all for a good cause.

Mailchimp_feeldesain_01 Mailchimp_feeldesain_28 Mailchimp_feeldesain_27 Mailchimp_feeldesain_26 Mailchimp_feeldesain_25 Mailchimp_feeldesain_24 Mailchimp_feeldesain_23 Mailchimp_feeldesain_22 Mailchimp_feeldesain_21 Mailchimp_feeldesain_20 Mailchimp_feeldesain_19 Mailchimp_feeldesain_18 Mailchimp_feeldesain_17 Mailchimp_feeldesain_16 Mailchimp_feeldesain_15 Mailchimp_feeldesain_14 Mailchimp_feeldesain_13 Mailchimp_feeldesain_12 Mailchimp_feeldesain_11 Mailchimp_feeldesain_10 Mailchimp_feeldesain_09 Mailchimp_feeldesain_08 Mailchimp_feeldesain_07 Mailchimp_feeldesain_06 Mailchimp_feeldesain_05 Mailchimp_feeldesain_04 Mailchimp_feeldesain_03

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