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The WW Armchair – Colour Series by HAYCHE and Studio Makgill
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The WW chair Colour Series is a colourful interpretation of Alejandro Villarreal‘s WW chair. This one has been created in collaboration with HAYCHE and Brighton-based branding agency Studio Makgill.

WW Armchair Colour Series by Hayche demonstrates a bold experimentation with colour, typical of the studio’s adventurous creative ethos. It’s also available in a selection of 3 colourways.

The concept and name refer to Windsor and Wire, which nod to the collection’s lines and materials. Sturdy and robust, yet with an innate sense of lightness, the armrests are a flowing continuation of the back’s metal bars, gently wrapping around both sides of the seat.

As Studio Makgill is responsible for all of the branding and art direction for HAYCHE,” they write on their webiste “we were already very familiar with the WW Chair.

Designed in the UK, made in Portugal the WW Chair Colour Series offers more presence and comfort.

The armchair can serve as a standalone piece or as part of a set of dining table chairs.

“Whilst we were developing the palette we used an illustration of the chair. It became hard to ignore how effective it was as a piece in its own right. So it felt right for the illustration to take centre stage in the promotion campaign. It worked across posters, postcards and even an animated gif – each time celebrating the broad range of colours.”

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