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Game of Thrones intro reenacted with 2,750 Oreo
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Game of Thrones intro reenacted with 2,750 Oreo

Game of Thrones intro reenacted with 2,750 Oreo cookies.

If all the HBO Game of Thrones marketing tie-ins have done their job, your season 8 premiere party on April 14 will be stocked with Bud Light and Oreo cookies.

Oreo had already teased the release of Game of Thrones-themed chocolate sandwich cookies, but the official announcement arrived on Tuesday along with a video re-creating the show’s main title sequence with nothing but Oreos. 

Oreo and HBO even collaborated with Elastic, the creator of the original opening credits, to make the tribute version. It took 2,750 cookies to build the wintry view of the landscapes and castles. Note the carved creme face on the weirwood tree. 

Oreo’s limited-edition Game of Thrones cookies sport special packaging featuring the Iron Throne. The cookies themselves are embossed with stylized logos for House Lannister, House Targaryen, House Stark and The Night King. So, yes, you can nibble the Night King’s ears off if you like.

The cookies will roll out to retailers in the US on April 8.

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