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Moon-Like vases made from layered wax by we+
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Moon-Like vases made from layered wax by we+

Moon-Like vases made from layered wax by we+  is a series of orb-shaped vases.

The Disguise series was created layer by layer with wax, rotating around and distributing the wax on the interior surface. The results are textured on the inside and when filled with water, rippled light appears as the LED light underneath hits the shell.

We+ always tries unique approaches to material. Wax is normally used subserviently, for example as a casting to be discarded or a coating to preserve paper and wood. However, in this project they focus on wax itself and utilize it as principal material for the product. Wax can be reused simply by melting it, making it a versatile, safe and harmless material for both us and the environment.

Tokyo-based Toshiya Hayashi and Hokuto Ando partnered up in 2013 to form design studio we+ where they continue to explore new applications for basic materials. Their latest rethinks wax into moon-like Disguise vases that cast light through their textured shells.



Photography by Masayuki Hayashi

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