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R16 | Package is lamp
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R16 | Package is lamp

The least amount of waste possible is produced with ‘R16’ the lamp created by the dutch design duo Waarmakers is a cardboard LED tube lighting fixture, which serves as both packaging and a light at the same time.

While designing their ‘Ninebyfour’ lamp, a lighting unit made of elm trees from the inner city of Amsterdam, they found themselves inundated with different linear LED’s in cardboard tube packaging. They felt uncomfortable with throwing away this cardboard as they believe, if used in the right way, it is an attractive material.

So they started to think how it could be reused, or repurposed. From a design perspective the use of LED’s holds the capability for a lot of different materials to be used, as they barely heat up. their solution was, in fact, the packaging material itself – the cardboard tube could also be the fixture. The ‘R16’ has been designed with sustainability at its core, using as little material as possible.

For example, they have opted to not include the components to fix the lamp in place in order to encourage users to add their own pencil and coin.

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