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Baggio Piechaud redesign the Ballande Meneret warehouse
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Baggio Piechaud redesign the Ballande Meneret warehouse

Baggio Piechaud redesign the Ballande Meneret warehouse placed near Bordeaux, France.

The Ballande Meneret winehouse is the main producing vineyard tucked deep within the woods of the Medoc Peninsula. Last year, the wine makers acquired a 100,000 square foot warehousewhich would act as the headquarters to preserve and export classified growths. Ballande Meneret brought on local architect team Baggio Piechaud to revamp the warehouse.

Patrick and Anne Baggio Piechaud wanted to shy away from the traditional look of vineyards. In doing so they imagined a large white concrete building with spots of LED lights shining through the facade. A shallow body of water surrounds the white structure, reflecting the LEDs and enhancing the beauty of the building.

In its infant stages, politicians and townspeople were apprehensive about adding such a modern building to an old village. However, on completion the warehouse was welcomed by many in the town and has become a strong signal for the village of Ludon-Medoc.

One of the most interesting elements of the structure is it’s materiality, the team at Baggio Piechaud, decided to formulate the white concrete exterior with TX Arca Ciments Calcia, which is a self cleaning agent. This addition into the concrete reduced cleaning and maintenance costs for Ballande Meneret and permanently insures the brightness of the warehouse.


Photography by Ballande & Meneret

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