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The Couch Clubhouse | MVRDV
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The Couch Clubhouse | MVRDV

Have you ever wonder how a Couch Clubhouse would look like? The dutch firm MVRDV was able to build one based in the east of Amsterdam.The roof of the 322m clubhouse is folded upwards and downwards to act as an informal spectator tribune for the club, with views onto centre court in one direction.The clubhouse is a 36 metre long open volume with services on either end such as dressing rooms, a kitchen, storage and toilets. Multi-funcional no?  Also, this ‘Couch’ can seat up to 200 spectators comfortably. The wide glass front to the north side allows extensive natural lighting.


MVRDV_feeldesain_01 MVRDV_feeldesain_02 MVRDV_feeldesain_04 MVRDV_feeldesain_05 MVRDV_feeldesain_07 MVRDV_feeldesain_08MVRDV_feeldesain_03 MVRDV_feeldesain_06 MVRDV-the-couch-tennis-clubhouse-designboom-01B

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