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Do you like the idea of a “stool-macaroon” or a “sweet carpet”? Than you should check the limited edition Aspartame by the swiss designer Adrien Rovero. Rovero aims to provoke the sense of taste when you look at his art works. The audience that admire the stool or lamp can recognize a macaroon or a small candy through the object. The collection is inspired by industrial candies, confectionery, sweets production, visual taste and childhood reminiscence. This creation is a mix of technology, visual taste and childhood reminiscence.  And is available at galerie kreo.


AdreinRovero_feeldesain_01 AdreinRovero_feeldesain_02 AdreinRovero_feeldesain_03 AdreinRovero_feeldesain_04 AdreinRovero_feeldesain_05 AdreinRovero_feeldesain_06 AdreinRovero_feeldesain_07 AdreinRovero_feeldesain_08


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