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‘Mini Living – built by all’ debuts at Milan Design Week 2018
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‘Mini Living – built by all’ debuts at Milan Design Week 2018

MINI and with London-based architects Studio mama debuts at Milano Design Week 2018 with a visionary living concept called “MINI LIVING – BUILT BY ALL”.

With this, the architecture aims to understand and address each individual’s requirements, needs and ideas, enabling the potential for close collaborations between residents and architects in the not-too-distant future. A surface area of just a few square metres is used to create very personal and attractive spaces, reflecting MINI’s core principle of the “creative use of space”.

Besides the London architectural firm’s installation, MINI LIVING has set up an experience area for visitors in the adjacent room. Called ‘factory of ideas’, guests have the opportunity to create their own visions of their ideal living unit through the form of models. this practice reiterates the installation’s concept of close collaboration between residents and architects, fundamentally the creative input individuals have on the spaces they live in.

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