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Tiny PMS Match | Inka Mathew
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Tiny PMS Match | Inka Mathew

“Have you ever wonder what PMS (Pantone Matching System) means?”  Well, our artist of the day Inka Mathew. On Tumblr and Instagram dedicated profile of the artist, you can find a colorful gallery, composed of small objects that caught the attention of Inka Mathew during the years. This is a personal project that the designer started just from the curiosity of a tiny blue flower that was growing in her garden.  The idea than followed a series of matching small objects to their Pantone Matching System colors. The inspiration are coming from her son’s favorite cereal to her husband’s cholesterol medication, to the wild flowers blooming around her area. All the photographed objects are pieces of daily life, not only in the eyes of Inka, but for all of us. All pictures were taken with her iPhone 5 and edited with Snapseed.


TinyPMS_feeldesain_7 TinyPMS_feeldesain_8 TinyPMS_feeldesain_9 TinyPMS_feeldesain_10 TinyPMS_feeldesain_11 TinyPMS_feeldesain_12jpg TinyPMS_feeldesain_13 TinyPMS_feeldesain_14 TinyPMS_feeldesain_15 TinyPMS_feeldesain_16 TinyPMS_feeldesain_17 TinyPMS_feeldesain_18 TinyPMS_feeldesain_19TinyPMS_feeldesain_25TinyPMS_feeldesain_20 TinyPMS_feeldesain_21 TinyPMS_feeldesain_22jpg TinyPMS_feeldesain_23 TinyPMS_feeldesain_24TinyPMS_feeldesain_3 TinyPMS_feeldesain_4 TinyPMS_feeldesain_5 TinyPMS_feeldesain_6


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