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The best of Designmonat Graz 2015
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The best of Designmonat Graz 2015

Designmonat Graz is over for this year, so we thought we’d reflect on the things we loved most about this year’s festival.


1. The creativity. For example, the shadow play by Mere Phantoms. We loved the concept of this idea – using intricate paper cuts to create installations and performances which are wonderfully interactive. This installation really allowed the public to become part of the artwork, creating amazing shadow scenes all around them. MontrealGraz_feeldesain_03a MontrealGraz_feeldesain_03b MontrealGraz_feeldesain_03c 2. The use of existing architecture. These light installations by OchoReSotto on the Graz Opera House really impressed us, and we loved how they used one of Graz’s best-known buildings as a canvas for their creativity. The Austrian art collective designed projections to bring the front of the building to life, with carefully matched sounds to accompany the visual scene. DMG15_feeldesain_19 DMG15_feeldesain_20 3. The way that local businesses got involved. At Design in the City, these colourful pieces and structured accessories by Marina Hoermanseder for Kastner&Öhler really caught our eye, and we loved the fact that the festival spread out all over the city and spilled into all kinds of stores and shops. DMG15_feeldesain_21 DMG15_feeldesain_22 DMG15_feeldesain_24 4. How it brought all kinds of people together. Also at Design and the City, we loved VeroniKATZE‘s style – she creates games to bring people together from all over the world. These images are from the Mau Shi restaurant, where everyone was having a go at her coaster Tic Tac Toe game, and from iGraz in a square called Tummelplatz, which naturally lent itself to the same game. Mau Shi / VeroniKATZE Mau Shi / VeroniKATZE Designmonat_feeldesain_15 5. The interactive element. Throughout the whole event, so many things on display were interactive and encouraged people to really get stuck in to the design on offer. The events were so diverse and covered all kinds of aspects of design, so there really was something for everyone. We can’t wait for next year’s edition. DMG15_feeldesain_05 DMG15_feeldesain_06 Don’t forget to follow Feeldesain on Twitter Facebook Pinterest to get all the latest updates.


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