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Worlwide prieview: London meets the new Jaguar XE
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Worlwide prieview: London meets the new Jaguar XE

On the night of the 8th of September 2014, Jaguar has organized two special events in London to celebrate the debut of the new XE sportscar, a car that redifenes the concept of sportive sedan of medium dimensions. Jaguar will introduce in this segment levels of innovations never seen before, thanks to its experience in low weight and highly sophisticated vehicle production, also introducing the new Ingenium engines family. Everything entirely constructed and assembled in Britain.
The first event will attend at Earls Court, with the introduction of the new Jaguar XE S (the rest of the family will be revealed at Paris’ Salon the 2nd of October). The actor John Hannah will introduce the show and stars such as Emeli Sandé, The Kaiser Chiefs e Eliza Doolittle will alternate on stage.



The second event will feature an Emeli Sandé live performance to be heard on all river Thames. The location is actually still secret. Through social networsks, Emeli and Jaguar are inviting people to use the hashtag #FEELXE and create a piece following the spirit of Exhilaration: sounds, images, words, videos. Also other celebs will be involved, including english actor Idris Elba, which will create a project in collaboration with his production firm Green Door Pictures whilst being inspired from his love of cars, and Stella McCartney whom project for the Feel XE campaign will follow Emeli’s one.



Not from London?No worries, you can follow the live streaming at this link (available from Monday 8th September).


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