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VS Carre X | Visual System
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VS Carre X | Visual System

Visual System created VS Carre X, a stunning light and sound installation, for the opening ceremony of the Croisements Festival in Guangzhou. The three metre cube projects light which reacts to sound composed by Thomas Vaquié exclusively for this visual show. Watch the video below to see the show.

CubeInstallation_feeldesain_01 CubeInstallation_feeldesain_02 CubeInstallation_feeldesain_03 CubeInstallation_feeldesain_04 CubeInstallation_feeldesain_05 CubeInstallation_feeldesain_06 CubeInstallation_feeldesain_07 CubeInstallation_feeldesain_08 CubeInstallation_feeldesain_09 CubeInstallation_feeldesain_10 CubeInstallation_feeldesain_11

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