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Nature, art and the pandemic
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Cristina Madini is the director of the space Rossocinabro Gallery and curator of the Inspired by Nature exhibition.
She brought together seventeen artists from all over the world to reflect on the theme of nature with works mostly created during the pandemic.

She tells Madini: “The period of limbo in which they were forced has led the artists to devote themselves more to their work. And nature was the main source of inspiration. The works that were proposed to me gave life to the theme of the exhibition ”.

Stephane Vereecken, The Garden Series, 2021. Courtesy Galleria Rossocinabro

The interpretations and the means used are extremely different. And, in some cases, there is even an attempt to create something that replaces the lack of relationship with the natural element, giving life to visual and interior sensations similar to those you experience immersed in a forest or by the sea.

17 artists from all over the world in Rome

Soha Jeong, a photographer from South Korea, is the author of the symbolic image of the exhibition, Forest. Created with the three-dimensional use of glass applied to the photo, to enhance its real and spatial connotation. Cristina Madini explains: “Soha Jeong manages to bring the oriental way of experiencing nature into her works: not two separate dimensions, as in the West, but art and nature are fused together”.

Annamaria Biagini, Il viaggio infinito dei pianeti fioriti, 2021, tecnica mista su tavola, cm 50×50. Courtesy Galleria Rossocinabro, Roma

Here, in contrast, Annamaria Biagini, from Livorno, former costume designer and set designer, who proposes a world in which colors and lines are the masters, in the manner of Kandinsky. Her she Babudrus, an imaginary universe created when she was still a child, reproduces fantastic architecture.
In autumn, Annamaria Biagini will be holding a solo show at the Antonio Berti Exhibition Center in Florence. It was organized by the curator Madini and postponed several times due to closures.

Belgian photographer Stéphane Vereecken proposes The Garden Series. Images of men and women of different ages against the impalpable background of woods and gardens, decorated with pen drawings, disturbing but not random scribbles. While Judith Minsk, a photographer from the Netherlands, presents My skin, images-denunciation on the use of furs, made in the studio. And then again artists from the United States, Australia, China, Japan and every area of ​​Europe.

Nature and painting

For the French painter Fanou Montel, nature has been a companion and source of inspiration since childhood. Large geometric backgrounds create abstract landscapes, rich in complementary colors. And the colors explode and intersect in the large painting by Nina Stopar exhibited at the Rossocinabro Gallery.

This is how the Slovenian painter describes her way of expressing herself, bringing to synthesis the theme art / nature.
“When does painting begin to paint itself? When do I pick up the brush or when do I take the first step towards the canvas? There is no clear beginning, since life also begins long before it is born. Since everything is connected, I believe that art happens always and everywhere, so the canvas is the ripe fruit that offers itself to be eaten. Life is a butterfly effect, as is art “.

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