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The Beautiful And The Strange By Photographer Hanna Antonsson
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Photographer Hanna Antonsson takes curious pictures juxtaposing the beautiful and the strange. The images have similar graphic elements that vacillate between being intriguing and confusing.

Swedish photographer Hanna Antonsson uses contrasts – dead birds, liquids, and litter – to create evocative diptychs. Her eye on the world depicts a beautiful and strage connection between art and nature.

A fascination and aromanticization of thesynthetic photography

In Hanna Antonsson’s photography the subjects and objects in question become a new vehicle for exploitation. Her work makes you look twice—each frame encompasses an almost subversive nature and draws the viewer in, before forcing them to confront what is actually occurring. Describing her own work as “a fascination and a romanticization of the synthetic”, Antonsson’s conceptual photography presents everyday scenes through an abstracted guise.

Hanna Antonsson is a photographer from the forests of Sweden, currently living and working in Norway. In her previous works such as People are Overrated series, she presents the images in the style of a book spread.

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