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Sidekick Notebook: A New Way To Take Notes
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For 2019 Tan Mavitan takes one step further with the Sidekick Notebook. A notebook with angled spine that opens up to an L-shape and can lay besides any keyboard, iPad, or book. Perfect for take notes, make lists, or sketch ideas!

Each Sidekick Notebook is available in four different colors: Red, Light Grey, Black, and Navy Blue. It’s filled with 160 sheets of 90 gr acid-free paper featuring a dot grid pattern to help keep your notes neat. The Sidekick Notebooks are available here for $24 each.

Triangle Notebook’s shape is easy to carry around and its compact size is perfect for doodles, sketches, or writing your next novel. You decide.”

Since 2012 Tan Mavitan has been reinventing the notebook. Do you remember the triangular notebook? It changes the way you think of a typical notebook – first through its triangular shape, and second for how it opens.

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