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Quack Fat Video | Dropbear
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Quack Fat Video | Dropbear

The music video for Opiuo‘s single Quack Fat was directed and animated by Jonathan Chong of Dropbear. The video uses some music memorabilia from the past in order to make a super watchable clip with recreations of classic games from our childhoods, like Tetris and Space Invaders. Chong had to use 240 cassette tapes, 5,600 feet of tape, 108 floppy discs and a yellow, retro walkman to create the short video. Chong wanted to contrast the super modern tune with images from the past, and we love the way it worked. Enjoy the video below.

quackfat_feeldesain_01 quackfat_feeldesain_02 quackfat_feeldesain_03 quackfat_feeldesain_04 quackfat_feeldesain_05 quackfat_feeldesain_06 quackfat_feeldesain_07 quackfat_feeldesain_08 quackfat_feeldesain_09 quackfat_feeldesain_10 quackfat_feeldesain_11

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