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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 31: Czech Republic
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 31: Czech Republic

We’re a month into our Milan Expo Pavilion Every Day series, and we still have so many pavilions to show you. Today, it’s the turn of the Czech Republic, whose pavilion was designed by young duo Chybík+Kristof. The pavilion resembles a sort of house, and the theme behind the concept was water, which allowed the architects to explore the Czech Republic’s relationship with water in terms of spas and water purification. Water is an important feature in the country, which has three important rivers and numerous thermal springs, as well as many characteristic 1930s swimming pools. It’s also a world leader in water purification technology. The simple design of the pavilion reflects the country’s national style of modernism, and the pavilion features a swimming pool for weary guests to relax in (cleverly named the Czech Re: Public Pool), amphitheater and two restaurants, as well as exhibition spaces. Visitors using the swimming pool are given – as an alternative to non-environmentally friendly paper promotional materials which nine times out of ten end up in the bin – flip flops, bathing suits, and a towel with information about the exhibition and the Czech Republic printed on them. Inside the pavilion are tons of artworks by renowned Czech artists, a Czech forest, robotic projections, a laboratory allowing visitors to explore the nature of the Czech Republic, and of course, there’s also fine Czech beer to be sampled! The modular pavilion will be dismantled after the Expo and taken back to the Czech Republic to be reused.

ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_01 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_02 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_03 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_04 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_05 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_06 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_07 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_08 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_09 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_10 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_11 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_12 ExpoCzechRepublic_feeldesain_13

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