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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 78: Intesa Sanpaolo 2
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A Milan Expo pavilion every day | Day 78: Intesa Sanpaolo 2

As we told you a couple of days ago, Italian bank and Expo 2015 sponsor Intesa Sanpaolo boasts two pavilions at the event in Milan. We already showed you The Waterstone, and today we bring you the second of Intesa’s exhibition spaces. The N1 Pavilion was created by D2U (Design to Users), and is a functional bank for all visitors to Expo to use. The pyramid-shaped building is covered with horizontal wood slats and has a terrace on the roof as well as safe banking areas, an internet point and demonstration area inside. There’s also a hanging garden to bring a little green to the space.

ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_01 ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_02 ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_03 ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_04 ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_05 ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_06 ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_07 ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_08 ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_09 ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_10 ExpoSanPaolo2_feeldesain_11

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