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symmetrical illustrations | Rudik Valdès
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symmetrical illustrations | Rudik Valdès

Rudik Valdès works in the field of advertising, he is coming from Spain and works as a graphic design. His skills in the world of web design are great but he also enjoys drawing creative illustrations for his personal leisure. For example, through this collection of animals portraits, the artist wanted to show wild animals in a totally symmetrical way. We pick our favorite animals: polar bears, lions, monkeys, black panthers and owls.

Images Credit: Rudik Valdès

rudikvaldes_FeelDesain_02 rudikvaldes_FeelDesain_04 rudikvaldes_FeelDesain_05 rudikvaldes_FeelDesain_06 rudikvaldes_FeelDesain_07 rudikvaldes_FeelDesain_08 rudikvaldes_FeelDesain_01 rudikvaldes_FeelDesain_09 rudikvaldes_FeelDesain_03



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