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Scrapbook Circles | Nicola Yeoman
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Scrapbook Circles | Nicola Yeoman

Nicola Yeoman is a London-based installation artist who plays with the concepts of perspective and common spatial expectations. At first glance, her installations are conventional hanging sculptures. Upon entering the gallery space, initial reactions to the work are challenged “as the viewer finds him or herself able to walk within and about the work—the relationship of the viewer with the object renegotiated and the interplay of dependence altered.”

Most recently she created In Waiting, which is made mainly from drapery and cement (see last photo). It is part of an ongoing series called Scrapbook Circles. By combining her love of photography with design, Yeoman has been able to both install her work and then create a theatrical mood in her photographs. The first six pieces in the Scrapbook Circles series are available as a signed, limited edition portfolio while this newest piece, In Waiting, can be viewed at the Wyer Gallery in London until March 17, 2012.

Nicola Yeoman’s website
The Wyer Gallery

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