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Bicycle sculptures | Young Deok Seo
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Bicycle sculptures | Young Deok Seo

Young Deok Seo studied Environmental Sculpture at the University of Seoul, inspiring the artist to create these stunning sculptures made from bicycle chains. The chains are welded into the forms of human heads and bodies, and are amazingly detailed, particularly when you consider the difficulty of working with such a difficult material. You can see all of his sculptures on Seo’s website.

BikeSculptures_feeldesain_01 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_02 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_03 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_04 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_05 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_06 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_07 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_08 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_09 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_10 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_11 BikeSculptures_feeldesain_12

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