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Zoku Lofts | Concrete
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Zoku Lofts | Concrete

Oh we do like a compact living space! In Amsterdam, you can find this complex of little lofts, designed by Concrete and named Zoku. The small apartments are in fact not homes but places for travelling professionals to stay whilst on business trips in the city. They are not hotel rooms, but a new category of working/living space for professionals. The spaces are ideal for short or long stays, with all the services of a hotel, the fun social life of a hostel, and all the comforts of home. The spaces are flexible and able to be personalised based on the inhabitant’s needs. The spaces start at 25 square metres but have been designed in such a way as to never feel cramped. The spaces include a raised sleeping area, living space, work surfaces, and cooking area, all with Scandinavian style furnishings provided by Danish brand Muuto. Within the larger space, there are also co-working spaces, lounges and reading rooms, as well as a shared kitchen for the use of guests and their friends or business contacts. The first Zoku lofts, with 133 living units, will open in Amsterdam this winter. You can find out more and book your stay on Zoku’s website.

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