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Savoy Ulus Club House | Autoban
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Savoy Ulus Club House | Autoban

This swanky interior comes from the Savoy Ulus residential complex in Istanbul. These, the social areas of the complex, were designed by studio Autoban who were asked to create a modern interior with a style in-keeping with the rest of the building. They used natural materials such as wood, marble and glass, and geometric lines in order to create a modern space which also maintained its function as a social setting. The lounge area is the most inspiring of all, with its library area and high glass walls. See what you think – look at the photos below.


Images:  Sergio Ghetti via Inspirationist 

Ulus_feeldesain_01 Ulus_feeldesain_02 Ulus_feeldesain_03 Ulus_feeldesain_04 Ulus_feeldesain_05 Ulus_feeldesain_06 Ulus_feeldesain_07 Ulus_feeldesain_08 Ulus_feeldesain_09

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