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Film Posters | Gabz Grzgorz Domaradzki
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Film Posters | Gabz Grzgorz Domaradzki

Freelance illustrator and graphic artist “Gabz” Grzegorz Domaradzki from Poland is the designer of these captivating movie posters. Some of the biggest film names of recent years feature in the collection, and his works are so great to look at thanks to the designer’s range of techniques – first he works with pen or pencil, and then perfects his hand-drawn art on the computer, sometimes also using vectors, watercolour, acrylics and oils. He also plays around with custom type. More examples to look at on his site.

Images: Gabz Grzgorz Domaradzki

Gabz_feeldesain_01 Gabz_feeldesain_02 Gabz_feeldesain_03 Gabz_feeldesain_04 Gabz_feeldesain_05 Gabz_feeldesain_06 Gabz_feeldesain_07 Gabz_feeldesain_08 Gabz_feeldesain_09 Gabz_feeldesain_10 Gabz_feeldesain_11

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