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365 Origami Cranes | Cristian Marianciuc
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365 Origami Cranes | Cristian Marianciuc

Origami fans may already have heard of Cristian Marianciuc. At the beginning of this year, the self described origami enthusiast set himself a challenge: to fold one origami crane every single day. Now that we’re in November, we can share with you the highlights of almost a year’s worth of paper cranes. The artist says that each crane is inspired by his day, so through the images he shares on his Instagram account, you can understand Cristian’s daily ups and downs as well as his creativity. You can also follow him on Facebook. Definitely worth a look!

cranes_feeldesain_01 cranes_feeldesain_02 cranes_feeldesain_03 cranes_feeldesain_04 cranes_feeldesain_05 cranes_feeldesain_06 cranes_feeldesain_07 cranes_feeldesain_08 cranes_feeldesain_09 cranes_feeldesain_10

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