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Palaeo – Primal Gastronomi | Johannes Torpe Studios
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Palaeo – Primal Gastronomi | Johannes Torpe Studios

This is definitely one of Copenhagen‘s coolest new restaurants, and surely the healthiest fast food restaurant around. Palæo – Primal Gastronomi bases its menu on the Paleo philosophy that we should eat as people did in the stone age – nothing processed, everything fresh. Johannes Torpe Studios helped Palaeo’s philosophy come to life through the restaurant’s interior design. Using muted colours and raw materials like leather, wood, and wool, the studio designed a space which looks and feels rustic and very natural, and very Danish at the same time. The bar was designed to optimise workflow, and the entire design is scalable in case the brand decides to expand in the future. Some images of the space can be found below.

Palaeo_feeldesain_01 Palaeo_feeldesain_02 Palaeo_feeldesain_03 Palaeo_feeldesain_04 Palaeo_feeldesain_05 Palaeo_feeldesain_06 Palaeo_feeldesain_07 Palaeo_feeldesain_08 Palaeo_feeldesain_09 Palaeo_feeldesain_10 Palaeo_feeldesain_11 Palaeo_feeldesain_12 Palaeo_feeldesain_13 Palaeo_feeldesain_14 Palaeo_feeldesain_15 Palaeo_feeldesain_16 Palaeo_feeldesain_17

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