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Chroma | Ben Thomas
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Chroma | Ben Thomas

This photo series almost looks like a set of colourful illustrations, but in fact the images are photos taken by Australian photographer Ben Thomas. He travelled around the world, touching down in Italy, France, the UK, and China, where he focused on a range of urban settings. After taking the photographs, Thomas worked with colour treatments and saturation in order to focus on colour and flatness. Check out the series below, and visit Ben’s website for more of his work.

BrightPhoto_feeldesain_01 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_02 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_03 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_04 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_05 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_06 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_07 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_08 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_09 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_10 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_11 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_12 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_13 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_14 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_15 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_16 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_17 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_18 BrightPhoto_feeldesain_19

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