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The Mnemonic Landscape | James Nizam
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The Mnemonic Landscape | James Nizam

Canadian artist and photographer James Nizam‘s latest project, The Mnemonic Landscape, is made up of photo-sculptural works which involve covering fixtures such as railings, gates and doors in reflective tape before photographing them with flash, making the tape seem as if it’s glowing, and giving the original fixture a new and surreal effect. His work is being exhibited at Vancouver’s Gallery Jones.

MnemonicLandscape_feeldesain_01 MnemonicLandscape_feeldesain_02 MnemonicLandscape_feeldesain_03 MnemonicLandscape_feeldesain_04 MnemonicLandscape_feeldesain_05 MnemonicLandscape_feeldesain_06

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