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Organic Rocks | José Manuel Castro López
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Organic Rocks | José Manuel Castro López

You probably wouldn’t ever associate organic, flowing forms with rock, but Spanish artist José Manuel Castro López creates pieces which fuse these two concepts together perfectly. José takes stone and crafts it to look as if it has been folded, squashed, scrunched, or even melted. His sculptures are amazingly impressive, and will definitely make you wonder just how he does it! See a selection below.

organicrock_feeldesain_01 organicrock_feeldesain_02 organicrock_feeldesain_03 organicrock_feeldesain_04 organicrock_feeldesain_05 organicrock_feeldesain_06 organicrock_feeldesain_07 organicrock_feeldesain_08 organicrock_feeldesain_09 organicrock_feeldesain_10

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