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Blend Collection | Moleskine
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Blend Collection | Moleskine

If you need a new Moleskine for the year coming you should check this out. The Moleskine’s latest series of notebooks is the Blend Collection which feature jacquard fabric covers that were inspired by touch and style. The covers are named for the primary color you spot at first glance, but when you look closer, you’ll see the weave that’s made up of multiple hues combined to form the complex color. To keep your pages protected, each one comes with a colored elastic band with a matching bookmark ribbon to hold your place.

Images credit: Moleskine

Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_02 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_03 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_04 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_05 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_06 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_01 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_07 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_08 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_09 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_10 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_11 Moleskine-Blend_FeelDesain_12

 Via Design-Milk

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