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Cat Portraits | Felicity Berkleef
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Cat Portraits | Felicity Berkleef

Cat lovers will have already seen this amazing series of Macro Cats Eyes, but if you were looking for some lovely photos of the whole animal, check out these ones by Felicity Berkleef. The photographer captures the personalities of each of the kitties she photographs, and her images portray the cute and cuddly aspects of the animals, but also their more wild side. The cat photos are not part of just one series, but seem to be a theme which Felicity keeps visiting throughout her photographic career. Check out more of her work on her Tumblr account.

All photos by Felicity Berkleef.

cats_feeldesain_01 cats_feeldesain_02 cats_feeldesain_03 cats_feeldesain_04 cats_feeldesain_05 cats_feeldesain_06 cats_feeldesain_07 cats_feeldesain_08 cats_feeldesain_09 cats_feeldesain_10

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