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Miniature worlds inside vintage TVs | Zhang Xiangxi
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Miniature worlds inside vintage TVs | Zhang Xiangxi

At a first glance, these TVs don’t look out of the ordinary. Then you realise they aren’t showing a TV series or movie, but the sets are hollow and filled with amazingly detailed miniature sets. Chinese artist Zhang Xiangxi is the creator of these amazing miniature rooms, and pays an incredible attention to detail in order to make sure the little spaces look realistic. His creations include a tiny train carriage and a luxury home, as well as his very own studio, complete with tiny televisions.

VintageMiniature_feeldesain_01 VintageMiniature_feeldesain_02 VintageMiniature_feeldesain_03 VintageMiniature_feeldesain_04 VintageMiniature_feeldesain_05 VintageMiniature_feeldesain_06 VintageMiniature_feeldesain_07 VintageMiniature_feeldesain_08 VintageMiniature_feeldesain_09

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