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Paper Pop-Up Sculptures | Peter Dahmen
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Paper Pop-Up Sculptures | Peter Dahmen

These pop up paper sculptures have been created by Peter Dahmen, a German artist and graphic designer based in Dortmund who specialises in this kind of art work. His creations pop out of what looks like an innocuous folded piece of white cardboard, and are usually incredibly detailed and complex. The designs range from architectural to floral to naturalistic and Dahmen says the pop-ups are sometimes intended as art pieces, but can also be prototypes for mass production. In these videos, Dahmen demonstrates how his paper engineering works.


Popup_feeldesain_01 Popup_feeldesain_02 Popup_feeldesain_03 Popup_feeldesain_04 Popup_feeldesain_05 Popup_feeldesain_06 Popup_feeldesain_07 Popup_feeldesain_08 Popup_feeldesain_09 Popup_feeldesain_10 Popup_feeldesain_11 Popup_feeldesain_12

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