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Monty the Penguin | John Lewis advertisement
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Monty the Penguin | John Lewis advertisement

The John Lewis Christmas advert, now in its 8th year, has become a kind of cultural institution and it seems that this year’s offering isn’t going to disappoint the public.


The UK department store’s adverts always seem to follow a winning formula: adorable protagonists, heartwarming storylines, a song by a new artist covering an old track (this year’s song is John Lennon’s Real Love), and no obvious plugging of John Lewis products. This year, a CGI Adélie penguin named Monty takes centre stage, along with his human best friend, Sam. It may come as no surprise that the advert, which was filmed in London and features music from young musician Tom Odell, took half a year to create.


We won’t tell you what happens at the end – you can watch for yourself. Tissues at the ready!







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