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Chaosmos | Glen Ronald
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Chaosmos | Glen Ronald

Canadian artist and illustrator Glen Ronald creates beautiful images using acrylic on canvas and ink on paper, which he refers to as chaosmos, or “creating a field of chaos and then pulling the cosmos out of it”. His animal drawings are realistic yet abstract at the same time, and his talent for capturing the finest details and especially unique animal textures is evident. If you like his work, you can follow Glen on Instagram here or even buy prints on Etsy.

Chaosmos_feeldesain_01 Chaosmos_feeldesain_02 Chaosmos_feeldesain_03 Chaosmos_feeldesain_04 Chaosmos_feeldesain_05 Chaosmos_feeldesain_06 Chaosmos_feeldesain_07 Chaosmos_feeldesain_08 Chaosmos_feeldesain_09 Chaosmos_feeldesain_10

New drawing in progress

Una foto pubblicata da Glen Ronald (@glenronald) in data:

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