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Wall Ride | Zanocchi & Starke
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Wall Ride | Zanocchi & Starke

Many skaters really love their board – however old, scratched, or beaten up it may be. Zanocchi & Starke‘s Wall Ride is a wall mounted rack and shelving unit which has a specially designed space for your skateboard, allowing skateboard fans to both store and show off their treasured board without scratching or dirtying the walls. The metal rack is available in a range of colours, offers three hooks and two shelves for storage, and you can even use the skateboard slot as a bottle opener.

WallRide_feeldesain_01 WallRide_feeldesain_02 WallRide_feeldesain_03 WallRide_feeldesain_04 WallRide_feeldesain_05 WallRide_feeldesain_06 WallRide_feeldesain_07 WallRide_feeldesain_08 WallRide_feeldesain_09 WallRide_feeldesain_10

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