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Naman Pure Spa | MIA Design Studio
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Naman Pure Spa | MIA Design Studio

For those of you who loved 25 Verde, the green apartment building in Turin, here’s another wonderfully tropical looking work of architecture. The five-star Naman Pure Spa in Da Nang, Vietnam looks basically like the most relaxing place on earth. The building, designed by MIA Design Studio, is covered in greenery, but full of natural light, and while its fifteen individual treatment rooms have floor to ceiling windows, there are walls covered in hanging gardens around the spa, so guests’ privacy is never compromised and visitors still feel connected to the outdoors. Neutral colours, simple shapes, and a facade which encourages interesting shadow play inside the building make for a truly tranquil environment.

NamanSpa_feeldesain_01 NamanSpa_feeldesain_02 NamanSpa_feeldesain_03 NamanSpa_feeldesain_04 NamanSpa_feeldesain_05 NamanSpa_feeldesain_06 NamanSpa_feeldesain_07 NamanSpa_feeldesain_08 NamanSpa_feeldesain_09 NamanSpa_feeldesain_10 NamanSpa_feeldesain_11 NamanSpa_feeldesain_12 NamanSpa_feeldesain_13 NamanSpa_feeldesain_14

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