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Cloud | Bertrand Jayr & Lyon Béton
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Cloud | Bertrand Jayr & Lyon Béton

How do you store your toilet paper? Do you hide it in a cupboard, or does it just sit in the corner of the bathroom? We bet you’d never thought of displaying your loo roll for all to see before, right? The Cloud is an unconventional way of storing your toilet roll, as it turns it into a display in your bathroom. The concrete shelf is shaped in such a way as to hold various rolls of toilet roll, which can then be piled high on top of one another to form a cloud shape. Designed as a collaboration between designer Bertrand Jayr and concrete goods producer Lyon Béton, it brings a little humour into your WC. You can buy one in small or large.

Cloud_feeldesain_01 Cloud_feeldesain_02 Cloud_feeldesain_03 Cloud_feeldesain_04 Cloud_feeldesain_05 Cloud_feeldesain_06

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