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Subsix | Poole Associates
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Subsix | Poole Associates

Subsix is a restaurant at the Per Aquum Nivama resort. It’s no ordinary Maldives restaurant, though; instead of beaches and blue skies, you’ll be looking at fish and turtles as you eat your lunch, as Subsix is just that – six metres under the surface of the water. Poole Associates took care of the interior design, and brought the ocean into the restaurant, with spiky, sea urchin chairs, a white ceiling which resembles some kind of coral or shell. Natural light from the clear Indian Ocean floods in through floor to ceiling windows which surround diners and guarantee views of the colourful Maldivian sea life. The restaurant can be reached only by boat, as it’s half a kilometre away from the shore. At Subsix, guests can enjoy private Champagne breakfasts, delicious lunches, and even club nights and weddings beneath the sea. Just as if you needed another reason to go to the Maldives.

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