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Studio Dental | Montalba Architects
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Studio Dental | Montalba Architects

Going to the dentist isn’t really meant to be fun, but if your local one happens to be this clinic-on-wheels, it could be a little more entertaining. Montalba Architects were in for a real challenge in designing the dental trailer – with a 26-foot long trailer and only 230 square feet to work with, they had to work hard to create a clinic with sterilisation room, waiting area, and two separate examination rooms. Inside, it looks a lot like a regular studio, except that the examining rooms don’t have doors and there’s a corridor passing through the whole trailer. The clinic is fully mobile, and was designed especially to serve businesses in the city, allowing workers to have a quick and easy trip to the dentist. The receptionist is virtual – visitors check in on a tablet – and so is all the paperwork. In the trailer, you can find everything you’d expect in a normal dentist’s surgery.

StudioDental_feeldesain_01 StudioDental_feeldesain_02 StudioDental_feeldesain_03 StudioDental_feeldesain_04 StudioDental_feeldesain_05 StudioDental_feeldesain_06 StudioDental_feeldesain_07 StudioDental_feeldesain_08 StudioDental_feeldesain_09

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