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Regenerate14 | Fanette Guilloud for The Lab Magazine
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Regenerate14 | Fanette Guilloud for The Lab Magazine

We love a good bit of anamorphism, and think these anamorphoses in Berlin’s Generator Hostel are so pleasing to look at. They’re not new, as they in fact were part of a temporary exhibition back in 2014, created by The Lab Magazine and artist Fanette Guilloud, but we love the geometric style which is still so popular. Fanette turned the simple, stylish hostel into a gallery, with simple linear shapes on the walls which turn into confusing lines and angles if you move from one precise spot.


Images Fanette G and The Lab Magazine via Fubiz

anamorphicberlin_feeldesain_01 anamorphicberlin_feeldesain_02 anamorphicberlin_feeldesain_03 anamorphicberlin_feeldesain_04 anamorphicberlin_feeldesain_05 anamorphicberlin_feeldesain_06 anamorphicberlin_feeldesain_07 anamorphicberlin_feeldesain_08

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