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Nick Rennie’s iconic lamp for Made By Pen
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Nick Rennie’s iconic lamp for Made By Pen

The name Sway is derived from the floor lamp’s distinctive “swaying” motion when knocked or moved.

This iconic lamp was created, for Made By Pen, by a leading figure in the current Australian design landscape: Nick Rennie (through his studio “Happy finish design”), looks to explore design that takes its inspiration from interaction with everyday items.

Indeed, the brief called for a cordless light that could be placed anywhere in a room, but Rennie wanted to also create an object that interacted with its surroundings.

While the bottom round form is made of steel, the lamp’s head is made of silicone. The LEDs concealed within the shade are powered by a battery, and the lamp can be plugged into a power point when it needs to be charged. To turn it on, the user simply taps the rod or the head.

“The result is a minimalist, nomadic floor lamp that is playful and could not be knocked over.” said Nick Rennie.

Photography by Made By Pen

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