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Mobile Cushion | Nendo
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Mobile Cushion | Nendo

Japanese studio Nendo often comes up with weird and wonderful solutions to life’s problems, and now they’ve got another one for us. When you’re on the couch, watching TV, sometimes you don’t exactly know where to put your phone. You want it close by, but not in your hand, and if you put it next to you, it has a tendency to get lost behind cushions or between seats, and in the end, you’ll always find yourself sitting on the thing. If that sounds familiar, the Mobile Cushion is your dream come true. The cushions are made up from patchworks of fabric, with slots incorporated which can fit either a smartphone or a tablet, meaning you can either use the pillow as a place to store your device, or you can actually use it while it’s snuggled into its own cosy space.


Images: Nendo

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