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Pentagram has removed Mastercard’s name from its logo

Pentagram has removed Mastercard’s name from its logo, meaning the credit card company will now use only the red and yellow intersecting circles as its brand mark on cards and at physical and digital retail payment points. The distinctive overlapping circles logo will remain the same, but the all-lower case FF Mark typeface company name beneath…

Fine Goods And Elegant Sobriety: Carré Royal Perfect Recipe

Fine goods and elegant sobriety: this is Carré Royal sense of style. The Carré Royal brand goes back to the 1950s with the founding of our first workshop in France. The accessorizes embody perfectly all this. Now as it was then, Carré Royal is distinguished by its simple and elegant…

The Mygdal Plant Lamps is both a light and a plant

The Mygdal Plant Lamps , as its name implies, is both a light and a plant. This piece, created by the German studio Nui, has been designed based on the idea of the ever increasing importance that plants play in our day to day lives in the urban environment and the clever…

“In-sight” a new concept store designed by OHLAB

“In-sight”a new concept store designed by OHLAB located in Downtown Miami. On the facade of the store are two red interlaced circles that represent binoculars, the logo of the brand. Looking through these ‘binoculars’ and into the interior, there are 24 white panels that have been placed throughout the length of the…

A new Apple store in Orchard Road, Singapore

A new Apple store in Orchard Road, Singapore, opened its doors to the public this past May. When architectural firm Foster + Partners were designing the flagship Apple store in Singapore, they created a location with large windows and a thin, white canopy that cantilevers out 25 feet. To make the interior of the space memorable, they…

Breathtaking library in China by MVRDV

The Dutch architectural firm MVRDV in collaboration with local architects TUPDI has completed the Tianjin Binhai Library, an extraordinary space for the city of Tianjin, China. In the heart of this unique building, which was built in only three years, a spherical auditorium called The Eye sets the tone and invites you to…

Snarkitecture and COS create a new mazy installation

Loop is an intricate lilac marble run twists through an all white space. This is the result of the latest collaboration between Snarkitecture and fashion brand COS is an installation piece that hangs suspended from the ceiling of the Gana Art Gallery in Seoul, South Korea. Utilising precision engineering, this pendulous sculpture is brought to…

Nick Rennie’s iconic lamp for Made By Pen

The name Sway is derived from the floor lamp’s distinctive “swaying” motion when knocked or moved. This iconic lamp was created, for Made By Pen, by a leading figure in the current Australian design landscape: Nick Rennie (through his studio “Happy finish design”), looks to explore design that takes its inspiration…

Nadine Goepfert exploring table manners

The Berlin-based designer Nadine Goepfert explores the conventional functions and uses of materials to channel long-standing values into contemporary design. Her study of ‘Manners’ presents a consideration of the social and historical context of table linen and napery, with emphasis on the transition from exclusive to common domestic use. Goepfert conceptualizes this…