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LEGO House | An immersive experience center
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LEGO House | An immersive experience center

After four years of construction, the “LEGO house” has opened its doors to the public in September.

Located in the danish town of Billund, where the iconic brick was first invented, the BIG-designed institution has been conceived as an immersive experience center, which includes paid attractions as well as areas that are free and open to the public. The building features 21 white bricks stacked on top of one other crowned by an oversized 2×4 LEGO block named the ‘keystone’, all of which are photographed by Iwan Baan.

The company’s story is told in the history collection located in the basement, while the masterpiece gallery — which includes fan creations — is located at the uppermost level.


Now a parternship between the danish toys manufacturer and Airbnb will offer one family the chance to experience it as their private playground.

The visitors can apply via airbnb simply filling a form describing the one thing they would build together with their family if they had an infinite supply of LEGO. 

The guests will for sure be inspired once inside the house where everything – from the waterfall bed to the alarm clock and even the cat – is built entirely from LEGO.


Photography by  Iwan Baan and LEGO



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