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New lighting and furniture collection | NOMTN
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New lighting and furniture collection | NOMTN

This is the first collection by LA design studio NOMTN and includes fun lighting designs and stylish furniture. The studio has focused on a use of pastel colours, organic shapes and plenty of wood, making for a simple and modern look. Take a look at some images below, and visit the NOMTN site to see more.

Nomtn_feeldesain_01 Nomtn_feeldesain_02 Nomtn_feeldesain_03 Nomtn_feeldesain_04 Nomtn_feeldesain_05 Nomtn_feeldesain_06 Nomtn_feeldesain_07 Nomtn_feeldesain_08 Nomtn_feeldesain_09 Nomtn_feeldesain_10 Nomtn_feeldesain_11 Nomtn_feeldesain_12 Nomtn_feeldesain_13 Nomtn_feeldesain_14 Nomtn_feeldesain_15 Nomtn_feeldesain_16 Nomtn_feeldesain_17 Nomtn_feeldesain_18 Nomtn_feeldesain_19

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