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Lindt’s Big Egg Hunt
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Lindt’s Big Egg Hunt

In its second year, Lindt’s Big Egg Hunt takes to cities beyond London In the run-up to Easter, ‘hiding’ more than1 00 giant Easter eggs in cities across the UK for eager hunters to track down. Prizes include 100 years’ worth of chocolate, and along the way thousands of Lindt Gold Bunnies and Lindor truffles will be handed out. The eggs have been designed by a host of leading artists including illustrator Chris Martin, filmmaker Sam Taylor-Johnson, sculptor Owen Bullett, ceramicist Anna Barlow, and painter Billy Childish, while others feature some of the UK’s best loved children’s characters such as Moshi Monsters, Peppa Pig, Dora the Explorer and Sponge Bob Square Pants. All the eggs will be available to bid for in an online auction, with poceeds going to childrens’ charity Action for Children. BUY HERE


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